Scott Taylor's New Ride Procharged Camaro

In this video we have scott taylor in his new ride which is a procharged camaro. Back in december scott teased a new ride was coming and this was the new ride. The camaro is similar in looks to ryan martins but different in the way they run their program. It takes time to bring a new car and be competitive. But, scott has a great team behind which included Daniel and Craig Parchar who are great for his racing program. Accomplished racers in their own right the overall team comes together and went fairly far in the tulsa big tire class. Most racers don’t go this many rounds in their usual car let alone a brand new car with little to no testing. Check out scott taylor’s new ride and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. It seems like everybody getting a camaro every since the fire ball camaro has been dominating..Can't beat em then join em ,I guess 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. All the people bitching about him having a procharger must of just started watching because he’s been running one for years now. Longer than Ryan has been. If he like’s the Camaro so what it’s not like it’s the body style that makes you fast. Fucking people and their tribes smh. Can’t just say nice car which it is and keep it moving? I don’t care for Scott but I’m not going to bash the guy over his choice of cars and to the morons that don’t obviously follow this shit. He’s been procharger longer than Ryan has by years like I said before so you sound stupid AF bitching about him having a procharger. Now while there’s pros and cons to every combination if you know what you’re doing you can win with any of them which is proven all the time.

  3. Just wait until he gets the new hot rod figured out. Scott Tyler will have no problem running up against people like Ryan Martin, Lizzy Musi, Justin Swanstorm, Daddy Dave, Murder Nova, Jeff Lutz and a few others. Sure it'll be a little struggle along the way at the beginning Scott Tyler is good and he'll get it making very fast consistent passes.

  4. I like your attitude Scott Taylor, I know you like to win. But you is not a sore loser, he can be mad about something. And still manage to put on a smile, I hope you win big money this year. 😎👍

  5. Ryan has 2 camaro's.. Kye Kelly runs one now and do does Lizzy Mussi .. she has 2 and old and a new one. And NOW her teammate Taylor built himself one.? And it's Grey color like Ryan's from the 405. Come on .. everybody is gonna be driving this car now just watch 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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