1. Always been a fan of kicker the set in Ryan’s truck those solar barics u can put in the smallest box I heard one the dudes he hid a 10 in the spare tire u couldnt see it so people thought it was factory but for how it hit for one lil sub sold me own the solar barics owned them ever since

  2. Amazing facility Kicker
    Great products
    Have seen your equipment in almost every application from the water toys to haulers n then some
    Great showroom
    A Pleasure to meet you All
    Cool little standard cab Ryan
    I like it
    Enjoyed listening in

  3. I ran kickers up to 2 months ago till somebody stole my Durango. Of course I get it back and the only thing gone is my KICKER system! Thanks for all the video's you guys are putting out while you're home.

  4. You mean you have a life outside working on your hot rods? 😂 He said you can mount them in anything. You should put them in Fireball. LOL. Obviously just joking, I doubt they’d even be heard, and I actually like the sweet sound of the engine anyway.

  5. That was cool I didn't know kicker was in OK but that was a great video for the fans to see I love kicker speakers and amps. Thanks Ryan for taking the time to make these videos for ur fans always awesome can't wait for the next one. Good luck in the streets be safe and much love guys yall are awesome.

  6. After being around and listening to open headers for so long you probably need thousands of watts to hear music.
    Interesting place there, I wonder how many people leave there deaf ?

  7. I'm loven how you've been posting daily videos of the current day . I'm sure you'll March to the top of America's list!! Hoping you'll give us some of the behind the scenes stuff from there? Didn't realize KICKER had such a big facility, That place is Dope 👍
    #405 Nation

  8. I use to have the old school 12" kickers with the kicker logo in gold in the middle of the speaker. That was in the early 90's lol. And even back then the kicker brand was BAD A$$.

  9. When I was in highschool I had two solobaric square 15s and 1 Rockford Fosgate 1500 class d amp. That setup was ridiculous. I’m 38 now and have definite hearing damage. It was worth it lol.

  10. Turn your mic up when recording I have to listen to your videos on almost max volume and I have the Vizio elevate surround system. The bass did hit hard though! Love the videos keep ‘em coming!

  11. Killing brother, a full time racer,business owner, family man,and tv personality and your blowing up the full time YouTubers as your spare time project..you're just that guy who's number 1 at whatever you do…keep rolling

  12. If you want a speaker system for your rzr get the ssv works kick panel speaker pods and the ssv works glove box sub box. The ssv boxes and pods are very sleek and have more air space than the other brands. The sub box especially is way better built for deep bass and fits a 10” sub. I had a kicker p1 sub I think it was and just the two ssv works pod speakers in mine. People would ask why I don’t put a stereo in my rzr because it was pretty much all hidden. You can’t see the sub at all and pod speakers tuck up so nice. I would turn it on and people would be like holy $hit where is that coming from. My buddy had a kicker rep he knew put in their top of the line system in for free and the deal was they wanted to use his rzr for their display booth at 3 shows. He had the large deck in the center, lower door pod kick pannel speakers like mine, glove box sub box as well, but he also had the two cage mount pods, you know like the bullet shaped ones just like they put on a wakeboard boat. I would say his definitely had more voice to it Because of the additional speakers. If he sat his balance all the way to the front so it was just using the to kick panels and the sub than mine would blow it away. Even the wrap himself said wow when he heard my system next to that one in the barn. I also think it was very nice that the control panel was a small little button pad shaped like an octagon and didn’t take up your whole dash. I had a rugged radio and intercom system with headsets in mine as well so that gave me the ability to have both because it wasn’t taking my dash up. That was back in 2017 I believe and I paid $1000 for my system and his if he would have had to pay for it would’ve been $2400 I believe. I have several videos of it so if you want I can send you a link so you can see what I mean and get an idea for it just comment let me know.

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