1. I don't care what anyone says the real smart thing for Ryan Martin to do is just take the call out from a good 405 guy and Win the whole Damn thing…The way I see it Ryan Martin has busted his @$$ this season and he deserves to Win and take a call out from a 405 guy it's not Ryan Martin's fault that no one couldn't catch him in the points every one of them racers had all season to get there sh!t together and catch up in points….Ryan Martin don't give in to these racers don't except any call out from Justin swanstorm or any other call out they all want to Win this thing and they will do anything and everything to make you lose out on the championship they will try and get in your head and even play games with you don't trust any of them racers. They might even pay some people to just guess the light on you and try and take you out….Ryan you have this pretty much in the bag don't fool around and let them steal the Win from you. ..I can promise you that all of them racers are teaming up to put you out the race……Good Luck Ryan Martin stay safe and God bless.

  2. I had a lot of respect for Robin Roberts right up until he told Brandon James to skip the scales, with everything going on with guessing the light that one commit "skip the scales" has got to be one of the most scummiest and lowest thing a racer can do too the other competitors. If you have to do anything and everything to beat a car that's faster than you that's racing but stoop so low you go a fellow racer and tell him that his program means nothing to skip the scales so you can get back into the show is just down right poor sportsmanship, as for having any respect for Robin Roberts nope he deserves to lose the championship and the event for that matter. But that is my opinion.

  3. Ryan watch out for those little pieces of that find a way into the intake oh it's got to take out is one piston you are watching your six right with all your friends I mean competition coming up and being so friendly handing you those little packets of Vaseline you know what I'm talking about Ryan

  4. Take the call out , I know Kye, birdman, mike Murillo, any of them guys would do the same!! Take it cause the first 2 season u only lost by 5 , don’t give them the chance to get them in the bucket !! F them ! They would do it and yet they would bitch about it if someone else done it

  5. You can bet your ass, those drivers tied for 2nd. Will have every member of their team's, that end up racing you. All will be told to try an guess the light on you. You prolly already know that tho. Goodluck Ryan smoke'em brother!!!

  6. Ryan u, came in 2nd first 2 years of npk then won 3rd year, an in the hunt 4 the championship this year. Any 1 who thinks you be been gave a inch don't know racing. U're 1 of the greatest racers I've seen. I'm damn near 70 years old. Good luck with everything you do.

  7. Stoked to see you do it the way you did. Drawing out the bucket like you did all season and still take out both second place guys running there mouth and taking the championship again.

    MY SIS ALWAYS SAID (I have 3, ones me favorite) SHE ALWAYS SAID: “DECIDE AND DO” Whether it’s good or bad just make one. Sometimes I get kicked hard and sometimes Iz good 👍🏻😁 You got this Ryan, RACING LIFE A-Z

  9. Ryan you are the man ,you deserve all good things that comes your way ,its very special to see you and your son after daddy takes care of business ,enjoying the moment, PLEASE paint the FIREBALL back RED

  10. When I raced my crew and was my 8 yr old son and me, we built every engine, chassis, tune etc… we did all work but machine work obviously, the whole guessing BS is why they won’t let Stevie Fast into NPK every race it would be an argument about him guessing the light when he’s doing a learned skill called cutting a light all the pro’s do it they don’t use the yellows or green they only use the 4 stage bulbs that’s it

  11. Man robin roberts killed his entire racing career in npk with one stupid sentence man who says that in a championship competition for points that’s like two cousins playing football for opposing teams and says if you make this field goal we aren’t family anymore damn that was stupid

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