Ryan Martin NPK Bradenton Part One 10-29-21

This is part one of three videos we’re posting from Bradenton Florida. Video two will post tomorrow Thursday, and Part three will post Friday. Thanks to everyone watching, liking, and sharing our page.


  1. Awesome job on winning back to back seasons of NPK in different cars. That's so bad ass congress to you and your crew. And now everyone knows the 405 is still some bad ass racers.

  2. HELL YEAH BROTHER congrats on The Championship you should've stayed down in Florida a little longer I'm pretty sure Cleetus could have got you a car for the 2.5 hours of la mullets

  3. Well done Ryan… NPK Champ again. Great job you guys and the team have done this season. Been a fan since you first showed up on SO. Much love and support from SA πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

  4. Awesome job guys. Hey just an idea after watching your guys struggle to mount the procharger, what about a v band cap with a handle above the balance point to lift it in with.

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