Ryan Martin New Car is Fast!!

In this video we have Ryan Martin in his new camaro which is procharged. He entered the big tire class in the no prep kings event held at the national trail raceway in Hebron, Ohio. Ryan used to drive the fireball camaro that he won the no prep kings championship with last season. He now drives the Fireball Camaro in the streets now. For the no prep kings races he now races a procharged Camaro. Which is a change from the twin turbo setup he had during his championship run last season. Why the change? With the new weight rules the prochargers run lighter than twin turbo setups. Prochargers now quickly became everyone go to because of their boost numbers they can produce. Check out the video and see Ryan drive the new Camaro and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. I love street outlaws, but none of these cars are “street” anymore. They’re race cars they race on the street. They’ve managed to turn street racing into a rich man’s game. The only way I’d change my mind is to see any of them drive their car to the grocery store lol.

  2. The show street outlaws has turned into a garbage disposal! Nobody wants to race to see who the fastest . Just protecting their spot I’ve stopped watching because of the crybaby antics! Race or go home !

  3. Could you get a girl who’s ACTUALLY attractive and doesn’t have lopsided tits? Just saying. Annoying voice to top it off. Imagine waking up to that every morning. Nails on the chalkboard sound.

  4. Top names now fall beneath Ryan Martin well done Ryan Martin well done love the new Ride I saw nothing but balance and power applied to the ground ,Your hole shot is Feirce and a Force to be recond with . BIRDMAN AND KYE Ouch .GOOD video .

  5. Always had much respect for Ryan Martin and his crew. I remember when Ryan first started on street outlaws I thought he wasn't going to be that good but he was the top dog kicking ass and taking names. He a good driver.

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