1. Does anyone know when this season will come to discovery plus they said it would come out as it aired but still nothing yet. Yall keep up the good work and win it all!!

  2. I basically watch NPK because of Ryan Martin. This man does this show and races with class. Watching the show this year and all the hatred he and the 405 guys have coming at them while they are starting fights, jumping, talking about each other behind their backs like 2 faced little girls. besides most the 405 guys, Kye, Lizzy & maybe few more here and there the lack of class & sportmanship is Amazingly just bad!! Oh yeah Scott Taylor is good guy. Ryan always keeps level head and stays cool. I thought Larry Larson was a good guy put hearing him spew all the hate he does & name calling also the way he celebrates when Jeff Lutz loses a race is just child like. Watching these fat old man wanting to fight is sad on a pathetic level also (Bird, Larson, especially Swanstrom that old dude wants to fight someone every week) the Swanstroms are proof that money can buy you a fast car, a Proline Hemi and a BUNCH of food but money dont buy class and those two have none!! Good luck Ryan you deserve the Championship & I hope you win!! Best Regards

  3. Does anyone know why Robin "I won't be your friend anymore if you don't DQ urself" Roberts hates the 405 now?
    Last season he was all about the 405. Did he get turned down from list racing?

  4. Good luck Ryan hopefully you get the back to back win you deserve it your constantly putting in the work and testing. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Rooting for you to take the championship… Show them all who the 👑 of NPK is. Kick ass an take home the win. Much love and support from SA🇿🇦

    I have what I thinks a good name.

    Now Ya See it, Now Ya Don’t”


  7. Nice job Ryan. I believe you have like a 4 round lead going into the final? Get the first round win and you should be good. I am betting load mouth Swanson will call you out in first round which of course you will politely decline.

  8. Sorry to see you lose but at least you lost to another 405 racer. I believe that was the hardest I have ever seen Lutz’ car leave (nice tuning Jeffrey!). His left front tire was hanging to almost the 330’!

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