1. PPF fades, and if scratched has to be replaced. I actually have Pro Ceramic coating that protects against scratching and rock chips, lifetime national warranty, and should you actually hit something hard enough to scratch the coating or a car wash damages it, a heat gun is all you need or retreat that one part. No yellowing, and doesn't rip off the paint if you need to remove it. And will for the life of the vehicle be guaranteed to have full hydrophobic properties for the life of the vehicle. And I'm here in OKC and can treat pretty much anything. We can coat the interior, glass, plastics, wheels, clothing, phones and even tools and guns. PPF is okay for track cars, but really not as good as the sales people.

  2. This stuff will work great on your vehicle especially after approximately 6 years when your factory paint finish starts to fade and turn cloudy. Hopefully clear wrap lasts that long and doesn't weld itself to your paint. After being in the automotive paint business for over 20 years and seeing the decline in factory clear coat quality (factories being cheap) I can only see this as another layer of UV protection.

  3. Am actually a bit surprised to hear that Ryan painted his race car. Wrapping a bare care actually costs less than paint, is more durable, is easy to change and most importantly on a race car saves weight.

  4. Ceramic coating protects and adds protection to the clear coat and paint from bird and bug droppings, acid rain and keeps that new shine for years. PPF protects the paint from light damage, rocks, bugs, minor abrasive bumps, but it won’t protect hitting a wall. I have both on my cars.

  5. My car was just clear coated I never had a problem with my paint job, but I always washed and hot waxed my car before the race, when you can do your own paint jobs they only cost is the paint sucks to spend $30k on a crappy grey paint job like that you got screwed you don’t even have a livery now if you had a painted livery I could see $30k that’s probably a $6k macco paint job your as bad as Justin about over stating prices or is that like a requirement by discovery for you guys to be dumb lier’s

  6. Without SHAWN, (not a SEAN yoll), hollarin and carryin on, this was just an infomercial. Sounded like another roundy round guy thankin the crew at Lowes and the cupcakes at Hostess, for his car qualifying 3rd…..Come on man at least get WONDER bread or something cool. Let Javier do the commercials. I'll f*cks with his s*it….

  7. Man it shows right there, championship winning car, championship winning team, just all around going the extra mile gets you to the winning title 1st

  8. Reminds me of forest gump; “When I was in China on the all American ping pong team I just loved playing with my flexolite pong pong paddle” 😅

  9. So it's quite literally just fancy shrink wrap that they apply wet… Also, that dude with the razor just knicked the bottom of the door AT LEAST 3 times. FFS

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