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  1. Man I love the channel and I mean no deformation with this comment, but what’s happening? Your views are crazy low now a days man and it makes me sad. You’re a great guy/YouTube. I hope the views bounce back man.

  2. In here, indonesia a lot of teenagers make content on the road as a stage by endanger themself or others. Like jumping on the front of moving truck, riding motorbike behind bus or truck closely

  3. It looks just like an old episode of CHIPS!
    Anybody else here old enough to have grown up on that?🤷‍♂️
    From my "Educated" opinion, the cops
    probably took him to a go-kart track when they were off-duty to show him where he could ride legally.

  4. Honestly though, YouTubers do dumb and dangerous stuff all the time for content and subs. Like jumping cars that are not at all built for it or properly prepared with any saftey gear whatsoever. V-maxing or racing cars on public roads without so much as a helmet. Driving a truck into the ocean. The list goes on. A go-kart on a public road isn't outside the realm of stupid and dangerous things we enjoy watching youtubers do almost daily.

  5. I thought the article said the go-kart was being escorted by two cars but there’s no car in front of the kart that i can see.

  6. Some people are just dumb. I saw Nitish driving his G35 through red traffic lights as fast as he could go. About the dumbest chit I have ever seen.

  7. Not even a fast go-kart. There's some Go-Karts that would be passing other cars but that looks like an electric junk one. I've seen people take shifter karts on the freeway and that's pretty cool

  8. Wow, they didn't even think to put lights on the back so they can at least be seen by traffic that might cut into that lane in front of the protecting car. Another mistake was not finding a go cart that could do freeway speeds, that and the lights might have been more understandable, but still stupid! Kids! I can't say I wouldn't have done this when I was a kid growing up in this social media society we live in. 😁👍✌

  9. This stuff is happening because we have people STARVING for attention… and they'll literally do anything to get it. Even if that means dying. It won't be long before someone comes up with a YouTuber Darwin Award

  10. WD by now gotta be very pissy about this video not been taking down! I'm very sure by now the creator of that video have way more than 50 subs my beard brother, because he's not being targeted like WD for whatever dumb reason that YouTube got against him🤦‍♂️smh..

  11. In the 1990s and 2000s we weren’t allowed to have go carts because it was inside city limits. But now it seems like it’s just OK to do and there’s nothing wrong with it and everybody has go carts in golf carts in toys like that. Socially that is OK. But it shouldn’t be.

  12. That is totally insane they are very lucky that they were not killed the 101 is one of the most heavily traveled roads on the west coast! They could have been given even more citations for this type of actions!

  13. Aaron , I want to you to know that you are the inspiration behind my decision to grow a beard. I’ve never been able to but now at 43 years old it’s coming in. And quite nicely too. So yea , thanks for the encouragement brotha !! Beard nation !!

  14. If I’ve learned anything from whistlin diesel. this is exactly why he risked his life 😂
    Now all of your subs know about this guy.
    Gotta risk it all so everyone can hear about you.
    No publicity is bad publicity, even if you are a dumba**.

  15. I may be stupid, but not enough to do the kind of stuff that these people did. seriously, that isn't cool, nor legal, and these people are lucky they weren't arrested

  16. I know this is a little late but that is Ari (how ever he spells his name). He’s a regular on supercar suspects channel. He drives/drifts his BMW on the channel often. This go-cart video was at the end of one of the latest videos. Ari said he posted it on Instagram

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