Recap of Street Outlaws America’s List – Street Race Talk Episode 290

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  1. As has been said here over and over, chase is a race is a joke. I could go out there with my 9 second 1/8th BMW and have a shot with that stupidity. Another thing is, the looked like a bunch of clowns running from baby momma because they spent their child support money on new J's. Stop the games, race or dont, and take your a$$ home if you dont, I sure as heck wont watch next season if that garbage remains.

  2. Sorry but for me it gets boring all that again and again racing. To hard on the hot rods and limits who everyone race. There should should some how be a limit to allow others to move up. After the first two episodes it was almost impossible to see anyone move up.

  3. For me the strangest thing was chief not calling out axman when he could. Maybe the outcome of the series would've been very different.

  4. Over all I think this show was good. It's hard for racers to have and keep their car in the best running shape. It seems that the higher you are on the list the less racing they did compared to the lower end of the list. But I also think it shows how close the cars are to each other.

    Far as Ax Man, people have to remember he was on top of the list for most of the season. I can't remember how Kye got to #1, but he was there for very long.
    I think there should be a rule so that you don't have to race the same racer back to back, to back.Its about the the whole rule defend your spot. Sometime you are flipping back and forth with the same person. I also understand that , maybe that is where you should be at I just think it could be treated a bit. Just so it doesn't go on forever.

  5. I was so disappointed at the end of the show when Axe hid from the final callout and overall actions. I lost so much respect for him. Cantu shouldn't be invited back cheap shot Chuckie I would be ok if I never saw him on the show again.

  6. Americas list is straight shit tbh and hear me out here on why now please guys.

    Running that "Hide and seek" shit and the "first callout" is super unfair for ppl lower down, This makes it so if you aint top 5-6 from the get go it will be impossible for you to win. This has nothing to do with who the fastest/best are at all, Others dictate how high up you will go and thats fucked.

    This either needs to be run like sthlm open, Ladder best of 3 ladder or take away that statement that this is the top 20 racers ever..

  7. And yo sims. No diss bro but its obvious that you are more s fan of the show than of racing in general unlike most of us who race or are hardcore street racing fans and im telling you bro, In no either racing in the world would running and hide to not have to race while the one below the one looking for the douche who hides gets to call you out again and prevent you from racing up be ok, Its a joke.

    Ask yourself, Wouldnt you rather watch actuall racing instead for 20min per episode with ppl playing hide and seek or se ppl race new ppl every episode instead for lizzy vs murillo 3 times every week like?.

  8. Is gamesmanship unavoidable? As there seems no willingness to design rules to predetermine who races who fairly after each "round", it is inevitable someone will be disadvantaged. It would require a very complex system – designed by an independent 3rd party – to create a system, maybe with a points system to track if you raced up or down repeatedly, or coin flips to finalize matchups, "best 2 of 3" if a spot repeatedly changes hands… there are many formulas, but it requires more thought than what is currently being given. #TTVE

  9. ok! makes sense now that chase is a race was implemented in americas list. if chief and jackie are now good buds with jj and memphis, it makes sense now why the wonky rules were the way they were! i am hoping the nee season brings back straight up hits with no games

  10. Ok here is my thought in Chase is a Race crap.

    This is purely for the Slower car to get a Shot at bearing a Car in which they clearly can't keep up with. Period.

    You want to know Who Truly Is The Fastest??

    Throw that Chase Is A Race Crap out if here.

    Now they have to not only show exactly what they're car is capable of but learn how to leave at the green light, then not jump or cross the line

    2 simple Rules

    1 No Jumping Green Light

    2 Can't cross Center line.

    3 Whoever gets to the finish line wins

    Easy freaking Peasy

    Where is all the confusion here.
    Get rid of Chase crap and we'll see how fast they really are. Period End of Sentence


    JoeSkylark ✌

  11. Sorry I so agree about Axman. He clearly was told in the beginning of the episode that number 1 has no protection and can be called out by number 2 time and time again.
    But yet he was crying and bitc hing like a 4 year old girl lol

    Unfortunately he Did lose the respect of A ton of fans

    Up until this tantrum, I was a huge Axman Fan. Killer whip. But now, I'll pass on him

    Too bad how his true colors came out. Especially towards Chief Lmfao

    Not a good idea Axman

    See ya and wouldn't wanna be ya that's for sure.



  12. Whether ppl like chase is a race or not, it creates drama and sparks debate and its also about The Hustle, which is what Street Racing is All about. Kye and Big Chief won it for me, Axeman just embarrassed himself and he deserves all the backlash he's getting. It will be interesting to see his attitude next season. Cantu also embarrassed himself too, Absolute Dickhead. 😂

  13. Larry Roach (Axman) DQ'd himself by being a complete coward and racing his own set of rules, Kye Kelley was the legitimate winner of America's List Season 1.

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