Recap from No Problem Raceway and Bradenton Motorsports Park. That's a Wrap On Season 4 of NPK!

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Recap of NPK races at No Problem Raceway and Bradenton Motorsports Park. That’s a wrap on season 4 of No Prep Kings!

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  1. Love the channel guys!!! Nice work this season, regardless of all the troubles. Y'all still gave it all you had till the very end. The knowledge that was gained, an upgrades, cant wait to see the Murder Nova hurt'n feelings again!! #MoronNation!

  2. Really enjoyed the videos for this season of NPK. Unfortunately it didn't go as you nor what we wanted. Can't wait for the start of next season already.

  3. That pass wasn't perfect and to beat beat Ryan you have to be perfect. Next year will be hard but I hope you get the gremlins out and show the haters.

  4. You guys killed it this season. No reason to hang your head low. Yall got your feet wet, and next year will be completely different! But I am glad the season is over, I'm ready to see them projects come alive! Also ready to see the 55 back out again. Good luck on the new street filming with the og(ready to see the update on it) #moronnation

  5. Thanks guys for all the footage you were able to get. Would have loved too have seen you in the top ten but I like said a few videos before, this is your first season were Ryan (God Bless that Man) and most of the other had 3 to be ready. No matter your final place you guys put on a hell of a season 1 (for the Moron Nation) and 4 for the NPK. Thanks again, Now lets get back to the Streets.

  6. Anybody can say what they want but you guy's went out there and busted your asses at every race and gave it all you had. It's ya'lls first season, it's jus the warm up for the wrath all those Mf'ers are gonna feel next year from The Nova. Stand Tall Gentlemen! #187CUSTOMS

  7. I could see rubber in the turbo housing when yall were at Bandimere. Yall need to poach Javi from Ryan lol. You and Phantom should try to find a pit guy who can run with yall all NPK season and get him to know that car in and out all off season.
    Good luck next year!
    Tell you what though im super excited for the up coming content! The non NPK stuff is where its at!

  8. the efforts you and the team put in are always 110% but is it time to maybe think that possibly this car just isn't quite upto the job either aerodynamically or ability to put the power down fast enough against what the competition has got nowadays.
    jut like everyone else including ghe team are soo waiting for a video to show you back at the top again where shawn belongs once again.

  9. Nobody lays down for fireball and I hated to see these two draw each other. But fuck the hates. It’s plain as day in the videos nobody laded down.
    You got this next year. And let’s go Brandon

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