Racing the Mustang @ Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness added a stick shift class so I entered the mustang. This track was on my bucket list. Facing the hill is an awesome experience was great to be back!

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My Foxbody
-1986 Foxbody Mustang GT
-1971 351 Windsor bored and stroked to a 410 Built by CAMS
-9.5 deck
-Compression ratio 11.5 – 1
-600hp on E85
-220 AFR Heads Sponsored by Lucore Automotive
-TKO 2 faceplated manual Transmission
-Spec Stage 3 Plus clutch
-Bogart wheels

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Videos filmed with the help of Street Racing Channel & Sonya using a Canon T5i, GoPro 9, DJI Mini & an iPhone


  1. Molly asked " where are the "stick- shift people at , "??… They've all gotten lazy and want cars that shift "FOR" them… Which isn't racing…… Soon THOSE SAME GUYS WILL BE DRIVING/RACING "ELECTRICS" ……

    ya doing a great job there is no one doing stick-shift on you-tube well 1/4 mile anyway keep it up thx LINE LOCKER is what you need real happy 4 ya thx

  3. Molly I really miss your videos . I am very happy to hear you put in a line lock Way to go girl proud of you. I pray for you and Billy every day God bless

  4. Just an idea for you miss molly…watch older a.v. boys grey mare launch and see if you can take something from that. They winded that sbf to the moon and side step the clutch on the street wheels up. I would think until traction goes away hammer the motherfuckr

  5. Molly please Google Mr 4 Speed learn from his mistakes. Unless you practice shifting 7 days a week you’ll never beat a top auto car. Mr 4 Speed only one to do it.

  6. molly you are beautiful. love watching all your videos. the line lock is working nice for you. keep up the good work. love weasel pig. show dem boys how its done

  7. I was watching from the finish line I thought her first round pass was the best I have ever seen Molly make .
    Hell, I ran over to the return road and gave her a
    "HELL YEAH ! "when she came down .

  8. Good job guys… dude thought he had a duck but it turned out to be a banty rooster. I so wish you would have drug his ass for the simple fact he singled the mustang out and wanted what he thought was an easy race. He won because you kinda missed 2nd… not because he was faster.

  9. Molly , very impressed & Talented, practice ,excellent off the line just ran out of Juice n the End ! But u did excellent!!!!! Luvd it . A big fan & supporter. FYI on mustang, always do a wrap on the fox body !!!! Never given in or up !! In due time u will have it . U already have the determination, half the battle , keep em Burning ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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