1. Well said brother, I'm glad your looking at all the variables. Don't worry about the guys thinking it ain't fair if you take a call out and then have those same people jump the light on you and steal and cheat you out of your championship. You worked your ass off for this and would hate to see that happen. These guys would like nothing more than to take that from you if nothing else. Can't wait to see the race. Good luck.

  2. Take a call out from someone. Do it man he’ll with all those other guys. Because they would do the same thing if they were in your position man. Those guys are shady. They’ve all been jumping the light all season long. They’ve been guessing all season.
    Take the fallout from a teammate. You’ve earned it this whole season long. You’ve been the best racer this whole season and showed up almost every week. Take it take the championship. Because these other racers are looking to win NPK for their fist time. That’s a lot money to take a gamble on man. Take it take the callout because they will do it to you man in a quick second.
    $100,000 is a lot of money all 3 of the other racers would take a fallout first round in a heartbeat to take a title and win $100,000 man

  3. Anyone that’s never won a NPK series with $100,000 on the line would take the route that makes them champion. You’ve balled out all season long and put in so much time to get to where you are. Take it because a lot of people will take at the snap of a finger to become a fist time NPK champion

  4. This is no different than street racing with money on the line. People gonna do what they have to do to win. They would do it to you so I’d do it to them. Don’t wanna regret not doing it a month from now

  5. Ryan I've been a fan of you and Daddy Dave for a long time but I'm also a fan of Justin . I think you are one the most stand up guys in the game today. I just want to say drawing from the bucket on race day is a big gamble but that's just one of the things that makes you who you are .good luck

  6. Well Ryan, I gathered the family, woke grandma up from the dead 💀 and she talked to grandpa and others to find out what you need to do and we’ve reached a family decision that what you need to do is……………


    Do whatever feels right to Ryan Martin and your family at chip draw!!

    Don’t worry about what the rest of us say, you do what ever is right for Ryan and his family and whatever you can live with! We trust you will do what’s right for you and that’s good for us!!

    We are praying for you buddy!! Be safe Ryan, we love ya man and we’ll see you in the winners circle buddy!!

    Let’s go Brandon!!

  7. If I were confident that no one was going to try to guess the light, I’d say draw out of the bucket bc you have PROVEN to be the most consistent fast racer all 4 years of NPK. That said, if you draw a handful of the slower guys , you can be SURE they will guess. It’s really not worth risking a 100k on. I firmly believe in season 2, Birdman let Murillo drive around him costing you that championship. Who’s to say that if Lizzy races Kye in the final she won’t let him win? Or maybe someone from team X gives Swanstrom a free pass after someone successfully guessed on you in the first round which is the ONLY way you won’t win the title. Make the right business decision. It can’t even be disputed that you have been by FAR the best in NPK these 4 seasons . Take what you deserve.

  8. It’s a hundred thousand dollars so hell yeah take a call out from someone from the 405 I mean you could blow your engine or something else

  9. We need to design a laser light that is hooked into the tranny brake and the laser will be aimed at the opponents back tire and as soon as the opponents back tire cracks, it releases the tran brake and launches the car. You will leave then at almost the same time then reducing the effectiveness of their guess

  10. Damn, seems like an even harder decision than last year. I think double points for the last race is BS anyway, so, I wouldn't blame you for taking a call out. The sucky thing is the other racers who would make a big deal about it, are the same ones that would take a call out if they were in that situation.
    Either way it's impressive that you are leading in points and have a shot at a back to back NPK championship. It's a tough decision, but it's better than not having to a chance to win it. 🙂

  11. If you draw from the bucket, I hope it all works out. If one of the 405 are broke, but can make a pass under power.. I wouldn't judge haha. No point taking a callout from a contender though.

  12. The only reason you struggle with this decision is because Ryan Martin is a damn good human being, & that’s why us fans love you brotha! You’re a rare breed not only in this sport, but on planet earth. I’ll be rooting hard for ya! Hoping you win, & you deserve it. God bless & good luck. 🍀

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