1. Big fan of yours, actually came by your shop one day and just missed you, but did meet you mother. Really sweet lady. Why does NPK not come to Memphis? I know it as hot but what’s the real reason? Good luck, go win those last two.

  2. Ryan you have street cred buddy, everyone knows you came from a track but you did your apprenticeship on the street because you busted your arse on the 405 list you won you lost but you hung in there you can call yourself a legit street racer, we all seen you do it tough and you earned respect and friendship from everyone in the 405 even Chief, shit i didnt like you when you first showed up but i watched every race you did and i now think your pretty darn good the same can be said of Jeff Lutz, you bother did the hard yards on the toughest and fastest street racers in America on the 405 list you are an integral part of the 405/Americas list and NPK your are legit

  3. i hate the double points BS. it's like a participation award for the ones that aren't consistent all year. If they're not with in reach with 2 rounds to go and need double points to get the gold it's a fake win.

  4. I know from watching the Street Outlaws shows you all don't share information like the numbers and tunes. Just was curious why you shared with Chief the information you did on the 405 list show before season 1 of America's List ??

  5. We love having Ryan and all the people in NPK up here in the Live Free of Die State of New Hampshire at New England Drag Way! Good Luck on that Championship Ryan! We are pulling for ya!

  6. I have a nice 75 Monte Carlo, swivel bucket seats with a three speed on the floor for sale. It’s a very nice roller. And I also have a 400 small block with a 400 turbo transmission that came out of my buddies 75 caprice the block only has 28,000 original miles. And the Monte Carlo only has 47,000 original miles.

  7. Hi Ryan, is the grey car a steel chassis car and do you have a name for it yet. If not what about Thunderball 😁? Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦

  8. Ryan..I was just checking out this connecting rod from the Fireball I got last weekend at Texas..this aluminum rod is way more heavy duty than ever imagined..and these ARP 625 plus rod bolts are the perfect match.. it does make sense to change these out like you say,cheaper to buy the rods for $1500 or pay up ! Great job and I'm hoping you win it all again ! See you again next year at Ennis Texas,and hoping its for the championship like in 2019 instead of adding the 2 extra races.

  9. Good luck on the last 2 races! Lets see a repeat of last year NPK Championship🏁💰💰💰🇺🇸
    1) What is your thought on people guessing on the light? Maybe next year they can ban this?
    2) Your thoughts on Shawns first whole NPK Season?

  10. Good luck on finding a 1970 Chevelle SS that isn’t over $100,000. I have been trying to find one for several years that I can restore and give to my dad. Finding just a decent roller is hard to find for under $25-30,000.

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