Procharged Camaro vs Track Doe at Dirty South No Prep!!

In this video we have a semi-final round matchup between a procharged camaro known as nickel and dime racing. Nickel and dime racing was racing in the big tire class at the dirty south no prep event at the Alamo City Motorplex in San Antonio, Texas. We followed nickel and dime racing for a couple of test passes before he started the big tire class which had a payout of ten thousand dollars. So a lot was at stake and finally met up with none other than Scott Taylor. Scott Taylor runs the procharged firebird known as track doe. The track doe has been on a tear as of late winning several events leading up to this one. Scott Taylor is determined to win the new no prep kings season and you will see how fast he is in the video. For more no prep action follow our social medias at:


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