One of The CRAZIEST Things to EVER Happen to My Channel and Plans for LIVE EVENTS!!!

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  1. Sim quick questionโ€ฆ do you ever tool around or mess with Betsy in the garage? how about doing a time lapse with you and liam working on the car sometime

  2. I think you should be the roving pit reporter, especially in between rounds after they made a run you can go over and see what was wrong what they need to do to fix your car to make it run faster, because Iโ€™m real sick of the in between rounds of weโ€™ve got a beat the 405, heโ€™s fast, Iโ€™m not gonna take him lightly.

  3. Finnegan is a fan of NPK and is friends with Shawn. So, not that surprised.
    What is the point of reading a comment that only says "TTVE"? Also I would like for you to address the click bait titles on a lot of your videos. Will you explain that? You seem to be doing that more and more. I can go back and make a list of examples if you want.

    SIM, great video! And thatโ€™s awesome you got Mr. Finnegan watching too!
    From RoadKill to Street Outlaws, nothing can stop you now!!!
    BTW, how many pizza roll would you say you consume in a week? ๐Ÿ˜‚
    God Bless

  5. Hey sim great stuff and how awesome is that Finnegan joined sim nation man I tell you sim game Recognises game and when your on point great things happen my friend as always keep up the awesome work sim let's go ttve I like ( sim nation ) ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘100 %

  6. Hey sim Billy hoskinsons, got invited to visit big chief for a much needed vacation, he flew out today, hopefully when chief and Jackie do there you tube video next Tuesday, Billy will be on there with them , would be really cool.

  7. Hey Sim,

    You asked what the popular stuff is here in The Netherlands.
    Well it's mostly the European and Japanese cars with VW-Group being the biggest I think, but there is a lot of American cars here too.
    There are some crazy people here, doing massive swaps in cars you wouldn't expect, like putting Audi V8 engines in a VW Lupo, or 2 V6 engines in a VW Golf and such.
    I hope this crap ends soon so I can go to carshows again. There was only one this year..
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Been super busy at work lately. Haven't been able to keep up as much as I usually do. I sent you some cars for sale on Instagram a while back. Did you ever find a Pontiac? Keep up the good work Sim

  9. Keep up the great work Sim! The only words of wisdom I have for you are that you seem to mostly read comments from the same people on every episode. I understand you have your favorites as would anyone, but if you don't view all comments equally you may miss out on some pretty good information/advice and cheat yourself and the SIM Nation in doing so. That's just my $.02

  10. Finnegan seems like a straight up laid back cool dude! Type of dude youโ€™d like just to hang out with and wrench and talk shit. Maybe they will do a roadkill episode on Betsy. Lol

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