OG Murder Nova with Ryan Martin FIREBALL Camaro.

Testing the New OG Murder Nova at Thunder Valley with Shawn 187 Customs, and Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws. Watch as they tune, and adjust the “New” OG Murder Nova to get ready for Street Outlaws Americas List.

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  1. Hope you all got that thing on rails. Good luck to the 405 at America's top 20! Got to be frustrating trying to figure issues like this out. Does he have shock sensors on that thing?

  2. You guys rock! If you ever need a grunt to do whatever you need, even sweep your shop floors let me know lol
    I'm retired and I keep hoping that some day I will get the opportunity to hang out with you guys! I need some fun in my boring life! And if you guys ever gave me an invitation I would love to hire you guys to come up with some ideas on getting some more horsepower out of my 2018 Shelby gt350! I would love to add a supercharger! But I think I should wait until my factory warranty is expired! Keep on kicking ass on the streets and the NPK series also!

  3. True friend man great guys you have plenty of blessings coming your way thanks for helping him I’ll love to see you’ll climb to the top and win the streets and npk

  4. Nice job helping Shawn sort out the OG Murder Nova, at a time when you could very well be working on your own car. Again it's things like this that define you as a true champion. Good luck during America's list, hope one of you 405 guy's win it all. A sweep of the top 5 by the 405 would be awesome, especially with you at #1.

  5. 👍👍👏👏 Awesome guys!! What a team! Your a first class CHAMPION! Shawn deserves to win and you helping him shows the best of you! You guys should straight bust some heads! 1,2,3 on the streets, let's go

  6. Best ending to a video ever! Monkey just laid one up for Shawn and he knocked it out of the park with that comment. The best videos out there right now getting to see the real behind the scenes. Pretty damn awesome to see you guys all working towards just getting everyones car faster!

  7. It’s good to see that Ryan and his crew are full pledge members of the moron nation!! With those two teams working together they will be unstoppable! Great video guys keep it up.

  8. Two of my top favorite racers. Its so awesome to see these two guys as friends helping each other on/off the track. Class act, BOTH of them! Much respect, be safe out there!

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