Nyce1s – No Mercy 5 @ SGMP Sept 25th – 27th, Cleared For Takeoff The Prequel Part 1…

Duck X Prodcutions annual No Mercy IIIII is coming up on September 25th – 27th, 2014 at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

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South Georgia Motorsports Park
2521 U.S. 41
Adel, GA 31627


  1. Nice camera pans, music, and Quality of the Video = :thumbsup.

    Request: More cameras next time, for more angles and more perspectives of each race.
    That'd kick ass.

    — What camera did you use for those pans and close-ups???

  2. i just stumbled on the video and thought wow, these cars are putting up stupid fast times until my slow ass mind finally processed that they are only going 1/8 of a mile. Still, they putting up serious top speeds

  3. this looks like 1/8th mile. and yes I have and will talk heaps of shit about it. that being said. a hole shot is bad enough in the quarter mile but you have a fighting chance to claw back and maybe win. seriously if you are getting raped off the starting line in the eighth mile pick a new hobby / profession. that's just embarrassing .

  4. I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings talking shit about how fully built cars should go the distance, but you dumbasses do realize that these cars are only geared for the 1/8th right? meaning it really doesn't matter if they tried to hit the big end they are already to close to topping out. let's see your civic run 190 in the 1/8th.

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