Nyce1s – Lights Out 4 @ SGMP February 22nd – 24th, 2013!!!

Here is an event promo for the annual Duck X Productions Lights Out 4 event @ South Georgia Motorsports Park! This event will be held on February 22nd – 24th, 2013! Checkout the event promo video and take a look at the links below for more event info!

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  1. Great video! What made it even better is the fact that there weren't two idiots trying to kill eachother over a honda 🙂

  2. good thing I don't own a camaro. tell him to bring his overpriced piece of shit and I will show him what the back of an old truck looks like. or should i be like you and say I have a friend with a car that will. talk shit with your own ride or don't talk at all

  3. when you get out of high school, you'll look back and realize how stupid you sound. bring your import shitbox down here and you checkbook. oh and BTW my "heavy" "gas guzzler" weighs 2800lbs and get 25 mpg on the highway. educate yourself before making yourself look stupid

  4. I'm not liking these comments hating on imports/domestics… y'all please grow up and respect each and everyones build! Keep yalls negative comments to yalls self if y'all have nothing nice to say,learn the word respect! P.s. ANOTHER BADASS VID NICE1'S

  5. Supras are heavy as fuck. My best friend's brother's second cousin's mom's step brother's son has a car that would beat yours!

  6. really you IDIOTS!
    Who cares what kind of car it is, the better car is the better car.
    If you're going to talk smack to someone you better settle it with a race :p

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