Nyce1s Crash – Brendan Mills Drag Radial Ford Mustang Crash At Lights Out 6….

Here is a look at Brendan Mills X25 drag radial mustang crash during a test session at South Georgia Motorsports Park for the Duck X Productions Lights Out 6 event. The driver was okay.

Photo/Thumbnail: John Fore III

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  1. @The Tsuchiyasan you don't know shit about drag racing this kinda shit could happen to anyone or any car. Keep your dumb ass comments to your self ricer boy!

  2. Funny that the 2 stupid comments come from honda / acura owners hahahah. Clearly fluid on the track OR broke the left axle. You can hear something let lose or slip

  3. They should call this the slotcar class cause they give the fans absolutely NOTHING at the launch!!!! The needle stays in the track the front wheels don't come up at all….sure they fast but they only run 1/8th mile & come out the hole soft as hell !!!!!!!

  4. I'm guessing axle because of the sharp left turn. He got a good hole shot and the car was flying down the track. There is just no way to drive out of something like that. Too bad it was a really nice car, and I feel for the guy.

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