NPK Round 6 Recap Darlington Dragway…We Gotta Get Our Stuff Together ASAP!

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Round 6 Recap from Darlington Dragway

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  1. I have a question about who else has a YouTube channel like dominator or anyone else that's on your show on discovery I love following you guys keep up the great work and kick some ass with og nova

  2. I wish you had the money Ryan Martin or Roberts has to dump in your car. It’s so hard winning on scared money i used to play poker for a living and when you go on a bad swing it’s really hard to play the way you should when you’re worried about losing I would imagine it’s the same thing with the car not wanting to test a bunch and push it to its limits practicing worrying about blowing it up and cost and $20,000 So you just go to the next race and try to get data that way! Because if you had the funds those guys did you would be unbeatable if you didn’t have to worry about shit and had three of everything two spare motors, tranny’s, all the parts can you do the rings and freshen it up after every 25 passes and not worry about two grand every time. You would kick all their asses

  3. Hell fing ya yall can win a race the determination of you guys is awesome murder Nova has always been my #1 pick good luck in the future GODSPEED

  4. Hey Shawn I know what ur going through with small block but remember that small block ran 3,80 ish or better keep swinging man a win is coming moron fan from oz cheers go 405

  5. LMAO when he said "Idk how y'all live here…the sun touched us inappropriately"…i live 45 mins from Darlington and it IS Brutally HOT here at times…Can't believe i Missed coming to see y'all right next to my home town…what a shame

  6. Not seen a good movie in a while, I'm low 40s and love comedy ,animated, action, but nothing on how it used to be,anyways thanks for vids,

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