NPK Round 5 Race Recap Maple Grove…This Is No Good! Back To The Drawing Board…

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NPK Round 5 Race Recap From Maple Grove…This isn’t good. The small block is straight up not having a good time bro

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  1. Why Shawn is the man..
    No Hemi, hell yeah..
    Like going Hollywood .
    I'd agree..
    That car is an will be fastest in 405.
    Love Fireball..
    But your selling.urself short.
    Oh Winn, do whT everyone.else doing .
    Throw a hemi in it.
    Small block love..

  2. Phantom, man yall need to get a chicken taco Supreme Pizza at happy Joe's pizza. There is one 14 miles from Cordova. Lil pricey but it's the best I've ever had ever and I run nationwide.

  3. Hey you didnt say anything about retorque when you rolled those last bearing in it, but the first motor that you had to window you had mentioned it so at least now you know but honestly I have been watching from the get go and you re-stud the mains and rods every bearing you are gonna roll bub.

  4. Sooooo, Discovery finally shut all streets outlaws 's youtube ?! Talk about the embargo if you have no clue what to talk about next video.

  5. There's a guy called iron trap garage that has at least 6 of the kinda cars that Shawn is looking for. The car he wants to build for dad

  6. Video before this one, cool he can work under the car in the trailer.

    This video, he can lift his engine out with the trailer… I want that dang trailer!

    It is what it is.

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