NPK Round 3 Recap at SGMP…We Have A Serious Contender!

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Recap of our weekend at Round 3 of Season 4 of NPK!

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  1. What's up morons 🤪 ? Heard that Dave wished for a driver to crash ? Then the next week he crashed his car . Looks like he had that coming? What you all think????

  2. Pretty easy it seems to just let go of a button and not even have to shift. I gotta shift my car. It’s a 600 horse fox body with a 150 shot of NOS. I do use a trans brake but I shift my car and it’s low 10 high 9 in qtr. mile. Naturally aspirated. Like to c you guys get more driver input so to speak. Get frickn gangsta and drive the car. My 11 year old daughter could wheel a NPK car. Once again please don’t take comment as an attack on you all. I truly love all you guys but always thought there was more of a driver need when making a pass but letting go of a button and letting a computer make all your decisions. Just doesn’t seem like true racing to me???? None the less I love all you guys and enjoy watching all of you guys. Rather watch your channel #187customs than t.v. No lie bud!

  3. ANY TIME YOU CAN PULL A Win over Ryan Martin ( FireBall ) and over chuck ( death trap ) you know you have that NPK MURDER NOVA DIALED IN …
    Thanks Phantom and Shawn for the in car footage loved hearing Shawns reaction to the wins can tell this is going to be an INCREDIBLE YEAR…..

  4. Just wanted to tell you I appreciate you bringing the OG out again. It's funny Shawn you look at home in there when you run that car it's like no matter what she'll take care of you. There's a trust there any good racer can see it. And I love the emotions winning is contagious it's a wonderful thing. God bless. Keep the shiny side up. Enough said..

  5. I just wanted to comment on Shawn's ability to" keep it real'" ,when it comes to being first of all a Husband, Dad, and a in my opinion star of one of most watched shows dedicated to all of us "Gear Heads. Love that nova! Also Monz. Split bumper.Im pushing , the big 60 this year, and Im going to build one more Hot Rod before it's game over. Back in the early 80s,my 1967 nova prostreet all steel SS , on alot of NOS was Feared By all. One of the first 400 crank and rods 350 block combos. This time I'm going to make the Tri 5 guys mad at me cuz I'm in the process of tubbing and gutting a 57 rag top Bel-Air, my Dad restored, back in 1972 It would be awesome to be able to afford a Proline Hemi , Although I was some how able to get The Boss(wife) ,to approve a GM Goodwrench 572 crate motor. And the cost to have Texas Speed perform their Magic. I'm old school, so needless to say "I'll stick with NOS. Anyway, Shawn luv your show, luv rides. Ps. You know the more passes Aden gets in the Chevelle , is going to put the pressure on Dad to

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