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  1. I'm so happy to see Kendell being more open with the other drivers and his fans and yes I don't think Kendell realizes just how many fans he has out here he would be shocked at how many there is! And he's asking one of the best at having a youtube drag racing channel Turbo John, Billy The Kid and John Doc and Little Country have gotten the youtube game down.

  2. With the personality that John has he could be racing at any level in drag racing. The fans of other drivers and other drivers cheer for him to win when it's not their car and I've never hear anyone one say a bad thing about him or have a bad experience with him that's just something you don't see in the world today!

  3. Don't take the stripper glitter labels off come John I know you are not a prude I'm going to have to start calling you the church lady lol!

  4. The Holly pump is made for fuel not water need to get a little water pump I bought mine from Shogun which I found out you go to Granger where I bought the next one and got a killer little water pump

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