No Prep Racing for "$250,000" The COMEUP Day 1


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  1. Real good videography on this one! You showed just how fast this field was by excellent height of shots and quick aspect changes. Both y'all placed well among the best of the hungry! Thanks.

  2. So I know you guys are going thru alot and I'm not putting anything on you guys. But these types of races with people hanging on the guard rails near the finish and further is just asking for something bad to happen. They say safety is #1 but I'm not seeing it. These surfaces are super sketchy as everyone can see. I know it's back half with no bleachers but still precautions can be taken and with that kind of money being put into the races can definitely step up some safety measures for sure. Would hate to see another accident with kids involved. On a brighter note can't wait to see that big block nova do some work💪💪

  3. You boys have talent,skills driving race cars, editing videos and making amazing content !!! 👍love watching you guys and your family progress. Can't wait to see the big block nova come to life and hurt some feelings… its gonna be a #headknockernova

  4. Awesome to see all the 4 Eyed Foxbody's. As a Foxbody owner since 1998 it is good to see so many still tearing it up. 1983 GT, 1988 LX Coupe, and my current 1990 LX hatch I've had since 2001. Let's just say it's not a stock 5.0 anymore. LOL

  5. I just hope and pray with all the absolute dumb shit going on in our country, well worldwide actually that were all able to do this stuff next year! My car has been out for a couple years now but really want to attend this race next year!!! I think your dad outta throw something in that Nova as well and get after it!

  6. 2:58 LGBer so sad to see. The woke left won. U won't say what you actually mean cuz theres… OH NO, A CURSE WORD in the phrase. LGB is the death of the REAL REPUBLICANS. Now we're gonna be stuck w the lefts version of the right. Its laughable really. Byebye real republicants now youre just a neutered silly version of your fathers party. Love what you've done w it tho.

  7. Lol why does bj have to jump every single time. It wouldn’t be hard to time his light by watching him start to jump. It almost looks like he turns the light but can’t see it till he jumps and points forward 😂

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