No Prep Kings Testing! Making good progress!

Made it out to ThunderValley Dragway here in NC for some 28’s Gone Wild action. As long as your car is on 28W’s or smaller can race. They guys at the track have been putting in work, and is quickly getting known to be a radial prepped track. Track was in great shape, and pulling shoes. We ended up with a lot of air pressure in these slicks to try to prevent tire shake.

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  1. Damn you was making some killer licks. That in car showed how fast that ol girl was moving πŸ’ͺgood luck at npk

  2. Not sure if this is something you'll share or not. If you don't want to forget I asked. How much Hp/tq does the little brown car make?

  3. I hope you do really good at npk. I remember 1st time I seen your car run in person! I jumped up and down with joy hollering man that mustang is fast. Good luck Tj I wanna see you at the top.

  4. Nice job John! Good luck in OH. Hey my understanding of NPK tracks is that the first 330’ tends to be REALLY good. especially if you follow the big tire cars. The second half of the track tends to not be nearly as good. If accurate it could be really hard to come from behind with MPH like you did here. Might need to get after it a bit harder down low! Will be pulling for you!

  5. Great to see you doing so well at the races, and love the event footage too. Pulling for you to make some rounds at the NPK event, sure there's gonna be quite a few heavy hitters there.

  6. Gotta be careful when you unstrap the frontend it will lift the front tires and sometimes pull one way and people keep turning the steering wheel trying to straighten the vehicle but it won't turn cause the front tires are off the ground but they usually know that and when they let off the throttle the frontend drops and there front tires are turned so far it just send them straight into the wall I've seen it done so many times and I don't want to see it happen to anyone again especially you bro so keep that in mind plz sir and I know at a no-prep event you shouldn't have that problem but at a good surface you could

  7. That pass against that white S-10 was freaking awesome bro did the doors stay on that truck cause it looked like you blew his doors off right before the finish line lol you know he thought he was gonna win that race until you blew past him at the finish line and broke his heart lol

  8. I finally figured it out. You remind of the Professor Warren Johnson in the start of his career. He started data collection before anyone thought about it in a door car.

  9. Hopefully Billy makes it. it would be awesome to see you guys in the finals at NPK I’m big fans of you and Billy and also Cj all you guys are awesome and always looking forward to seeing you guys in person or videos

  10. Great vids and the sound quality is awesome too. Good luck at NPK. Your big end MPH is phenomenal. Those other guys were feeling good until the last 50 and then the good feeling was GONE.

  11. That first pass, your tires were pointed a bit to the left and the car went left.
    Is your steering wheel marked where it actually runs straight?

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