No Prep Kings Round 6 Recap. CORDOVA, Illinois!

Check out some of round 6 of NPK from Cordova. I know we’re a little late to post but we’re getting caught up. Not how we expected the weekend to go with the parts failures and the other things that went on. Stay tuned for more vids!

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  1. Yo the fact that you handeled that slow jumpin ass duck with class shows your the better man………. Still pisses me off though, be a man and race heads up!

  2. How is that NOT A JUMP??? Clearly he moved before the light even started to illuminate. They need LEDs on all these trees from now on.

  3. You guys have a great hot Rod, Ryan if you need any help when you come to Tulsa, give me a holler. I would love to be part of the team to help, listen and learn. I grew up old school, big cubes, no turbo, pro charger, maybe a little nitro. Still a ton of fun..

  4. Ryan had like 40 mph on him dame good run. Iam suprized he didnt red lite. Looked like he move a lil to much befor the green. But good guess keep ur head up guys. Yous still got alot of races to get ahead. Love the chennel

  5. Why do Americans feel the need to hold onto the back of the car all the time ? Touching parachutes and doing that silly middle age man running at the side whilst the 4000 hp car is burning out ? Also who gives 30 hangers on permission to be stood infront of the cars at events ????

  6. He blatantly jumped, 100 % he left before the light! His rear squats and he's away before the green. Watch it .25 speed playback. Why did nobody contest this?? 🤯

  7. Good on him for "guessing". Not a bad thing. He just had a way better reaction time. Using basic, very legal, driver skill to try to win a race.

  8. Get yourself a practice tree we got our driver one and he went from hopeless on the light to feared by everyone we raced, when your running group 2 racing every 100th matters

  9. Ryan can go all the way wio a little luck and a pocket full of tiny washers it ono takes one in the intake to go boom yes boys don't let no one near your engine not pointing fingers but watch Justin swanstrom the people he beats drop cylinder how convenient that's racing until the competition catches on on

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