No Prep Kings Round 2 Recap at PBIR + Mini Vacation For The Crew in the Everglades and the Beach!

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Race recap for NPK Round 2 at Palm Beach International’s Raceway plus a mini vacay for the 187 Customs crew!

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  1. Funny how the whole video on the beach Ryan has been like a kid playing with the sand the entire time lmao

  2. I don’t think the guy realises how busy you are at the moment. Racing both murder nova’s is how you guys earn a living. Jeffery is clearly a prick

  3. I think y'all are cool as hell I wished I lived near y'all and had friends like y'all to hang out with I would sleep in the garage to be able to work on stuff like that

  4. Pbir is being sold to Walmart for a distribution center currently and 2021 is the last year it will be in use . I’ve live 30 minutes from it and it’s always been close and perfect but I guess money talks but the track is good. Sucks to see it go

  5. cannot believe A guy got something FREE and cried like a baby he did not get it when he wanted probably a dope head and had it sold to the meth dealer and got his ass beat due to not producing on time what a bitch glad you did it that way PHANTOM

  6. just show more cars and less talking man…. for real more ppl leave the more you talk dude, go drive the car,,,, its why we are watching it,

  7. wait. so someone got something for free and bitched they didnt get their free stuff fast enough??? WOW

  8. I’ll just say from me I wouldn’t care if it took 2/3 months are what ever I’d b so thankful for winning something I’ll admit it I’m the unluckiest person alive 11 major surgeries more to get facing almost certain death with one of them on my spine I’ve one of the rarest genetic conditions in the world I’m a gear head have always been one will always be one I mean the subs watch the channel so u think some people would be more understanding phantom putting bitches on blast hahaha nice move sir 👍👌

  9. Man, the 405-187 sitting there with (Mrs Murder ?) pedalling that monster at startup and testing the 2 step, makes the hair stand up on my arms.. As soon as they piss off with the travel restrictions, I’m booking me a ticket from Ireland 🇮🇪 to come hear it for real, and hopefully meet the crew.. Now, go F up other people’s deals on the line.. Peace and Mad Respect from your Irish crew 🇺🇸🦅🇮🇪🔥

  10. Hahaha , Fuck him. Did ol dude think y'all were gonna ship it out right away ?? What the fuck was he thinking ? Hahaha. Awesome job on the videos Phantom . I think this year is Murder Nova's year for a NPK championship 🤙🤙

  11. Wish I could see the guy who made that place awesome ,can't remember name but he was a good dude,he mopped, sprayed water and was excited about every race night or day, if u know of morroso of Pratt and Whitney u know what I'm talking about in the 90s

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