No Prep Kings Robin Roberts and More PRI Coverage!!

We managed to catch up with the driver with the twin turbo firebird high voltage. Robin Roberts gave us his plans for 2020 and what the future of his racing program has in store. We also showed some more pri coverage of some cool products like a 143mm turbo and other street outlaws for example shane’s blackbird vega, boostedgt, and jeff Lutz’s tri five plus his nasty fast golfcart. For more pri coverge from no prep we film follow our social medias at:


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Instagram: nationalnoprep


  1. hey incase you didn't notice you forgot the intro so I'll do it for you……Natalie here with national no prep association and we are at priiiiiiii hehaheehaa so buckle up and sit tight cause you are going for a rideeeeee (looks at camera man holding back a laugh)

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