No Prep Kings (Friday) VMP Getting ready to race!

It’s finally Friday, let’s get some small tire racing in this weekend at VMP. Come hang out with us and watch small tire action and some Street Outlaws!!! Friday and Saturday, let’s get it!!!! Get your Turbo John Racing T-shirts Here:

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  1. Good luck guys! And you gotta cut that lil golf cart some slack! Pushing a ton and a half and hauling half a ton!! Ha! JK John lol… Cant wait for the MANY rounds you’re racing tonight…. Go smack’em hard!

  2. It's about time John Sears got the spot light no not that many people know how much that man has gave to the love of drag racing I can count on one hand the guys that have done as much as John Sears has thank you Turbo John for doing that!

  3. Boy tech had John nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof John hasn't had to go through a tech like that in a long time it was funny as hell watching John he's smart.

  4. Would love to hear and see the entire "tech" process, especially when the tech guys are really going over stuff.
    Thanks for sharing John, and best of luck to you and the crew this weekend

  5. "It's a ground it won't shock you" a ground that shorts the coil. 20 years ago my skiff w a 1980 Johnson 70. Had same problem and ran a speaker wire up front to touch together to kill motor/coil. After wake boarding I sat on it wet and let me tell ya the side from the coil is hot and shocked the piss out of me.

  6. Come on john get the video out someone on one of the live feeds said you won NPK small tire come on man edit the video we want to know

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