No Prep Kings Carnage at Colorado!!

In this video we have all the cars that had some trouble at the Colorado No Prep Kings event. Some lost an axle, caught on fire, spilled oil, and just can’t get it right. No Prep Kings is a tough field to win and this video shows all the cars that try their hardest trying to win the event. For more no prep racing filming we do follow our social medias at:


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  1. Kayla Morton with a HEMI and the biggest Procharger you can ge tyou mean. Christ…Procharger is out of control and I don't mean a good way. As a power adder it's passed the other competition with it's ability to keep making larger and larger ones. They need to reign it in and make it competitive such as they won't allow people to run dual 108 sleeved turbos and shit.

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