No Prep Food Stamps Twin Turbo Mustang Cashing In!

In this video we have foodstamps which is a twin turbo mustang that entered the small tire class at armageddon no prep event held in Noble, Oklahoma at Thunder Valley. Food stamps is driven by Ryan Hendrickson who is no stranger to the no prep game as he has won several no prep events. But, what is interesting about Ryan and the twin turbo beast is the tuner behind the keyboard. His tuner is Steve Summers who has recorded an impressive 210 mph in the eighth mile. He is a tuner who knows mph and horsepower with ryan’s ablities behind the wheel makes food stamps worth more in knowledge than money. Great team and check out the video and see how their fruits of their labor unfold in the video. For more no prep action follow our social medias at:


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  1. WoW did any1 just watch 6 non real race or no prep wanabees,i think the wine truck driver waz so drunck he ran out of nos b4r the 60foot even got 60 NAT show them how real street do it x

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