No Mercy 10: DXP 235 Eliminations

The smallest of the small tires at Duck X Productions No Mercy 10 involved some of the best action as DXP 235 took to the 1/8th mile. With a very limited ruleset, no boost controllers or progressives, this class brings in a tuning challenge on a 26×8.5 tire and sees who can really apply the power at South Georgia Motorsports Park!!!!!


  1. Why does the black regal keep rolling past the tree, it's not like he's super fast and it takes that far to lay down the rubber! Great footage regardless

  2. Sweet. 🤔..Was wondering how I could get a no mercy decal? The car I own was from a guy who put it in no Mercy 6 and I'm rebuilding it back to when I bought it from him..

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