1. Why were the police testing bird droppings from the hood of a car for drugs? That is some desperation to make an arrest right there, almost as if the officer was simply harassing someone for fun but then needed to justify himself and was grasping at straws.

  2. i have to wonder if the two stage process in the drug test kit was intentionally designed to give the administrator the ability to choose among the two outcomes.

  3. Those instant roadside drug test kits are faulty and have been proven to give false positives, yet police keep using them. Someone needs to sue the manufacturers of the kits for manufacturing and selling faulty products.

  4. Last time I checked I didn't get qualified immunity for screwing my job up, qualified immunity needs to be taken away from them, just maybe they will start doing their job better

  5. A professional knows there next move. Apparently the police didn't know there next move before they administered the test. I bet her lawyer knows his next move,and going to teach them a lesson. Hope she gets compensated very well for her false imprisonment.

  6. ok Steve, i have a few questions: First, how dumb do you have to be to become a cop? And 2nd, don't these cops have supervisors that check on their work? And if you haven't yet seen a stress ball, you need to get out more. Just saying..

  7. Jay walking? They have nothing better to do in Atlanta? Sounds very suspect to me, hope she enjoys the 6 or 7 figure settlement.

  8. It's like they are playing a game with the test kits.
    It's called what everyday substance can we test and get a false positive and arrest this person?
    Sorry for the long name, and when you abbreviate it, it just sounds dumb.

  9. After practicing medicine for 40 years I've accumulated quite a few patients who are in law enforcement. My rough impression is that about half are very good to excellent, and the rest shouldn't be doing the work. The amount of physical and emotional stress good cops endure is unspeakable, inhuman. Yet most of them get through their careers without shooting any joggers. The other half are a collective horror story. Many-to-most of the bad half go into law enforcement primarily for the rush of having so much power over other people. Sadly, we the people refuse to pay enough tax to attract intelligent, educated and psychiatrically fit applicants for the jobs, so we have to take a bunch of proto-Nazis, give them guns, tazers, clubs, tear gas and pepper spray, and set them to patrolling non-Caucasian neighborhoods. And we wonder why Jogging While Black is a capital crime.
    We need to offer salaries which are twice current levels, generous health and retirement benefits, and we should be recruiting for police forces at campuses of The University of California, Harvard, Georgetown etc.
    But no… I'm white, I don't see a problem. Why do those people always complain so much…?

  10. i don't know if they have or not, but based on what I'm hearing here those drug tests should never be used again. This is just another example of when I say that there's no such thing as innocent until proven guilty… you're always guilty until you're proven innocent

  11. I live in Georgia about an hour outside of Atlanta.

    Years ago, the (small) town next to me had an officer who would pull people over and question them about foods and drinks consumed, and medications (both prescription and over the counter) taken.

    Then he would arrest them for dui drugs for taking things like Tylenol, Advil, etc. One lady was actually arrested and charged with dui drugs for taking DIABETES medication. She was ultimately released and I think the charges dismissed, but after she lost her job, home, and reputation.

    Yet, in my (also small but bigger) town, his wife was stopped for DUI when she was absolutely smashed. But not charged with any crime when he came to the roadside stop to pick her up and take her home.

    I'm no longer willing to answer questions regarding my consumption.

  12. How do you defend the cops?

    I don’t, but how do you defend the cops departments leadership on this. How are you NOT testing the tester. This should be recurring training with tests to ensure accurate results.

    Peoples lives are stake here, and the police chiefs , Mayors get to move on with their lives, at worst leaving the department/city with a chunk of change.

  13. DUI can be confirmed with a breathalyzer before you are booked.
    Maybe, they should issue a citation for possession pending crime lab results instead of booking.
    These field tests have been a problem since inception.

  14. The police did not believe that the stress ball had drugs. They did that to the woman because they were after her. They just didn’t expect to loose qualified immunity. This happens hundreds of times a day across the nation. The police have gone rouge and far too many of them violate the rights of citizens.

  15. They really need to be required to do faster turn around for these secondary tests. Taking over a week let alone a month is total bullshit.

  16. Don't let a few thousand cases make you stop relying on that test. I mean, how many people will have a little sand in their vehicle in future stops? How would they possibly come across sand a second time? Police reform??? Don't overreact.

  17. Of all places to have 140+ false positive drug tests, it's Georgia. Where an officer was just caught carrying drugs on him everyday and planting them on innocent driver's. All so he could have this "drug whisperer" reputation. So bold he did it knowing he was recording. Then the DA reported to her boss what she found after being suspicious of the officers actions, his unusually high drug arrests, and so many suspects with the same "shocked" reaction. THE DA'S BOSS RESPONDED WITH "WELL WHAT DID YOU GO LOOKING OVER ALL THE ARREST FOOTAGE FOR?" That was their concern when finding out about 100+ counts of an officer planting drugs on innocent people. He plead guilty too. You would think that would have made every news channel

  18. This cop needs to be sued personally and should be stripped of all rights and thrown under the jail along with all of the others who were involved in this case.

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