Nitrous Corvette Crashes at South Georgia Motorplex!

In this video we have a nitrous Corvette that entered the no rules class which is called run what ya brung. The event took place at the south georgia motorplex and it had been raining all evening. The track was sketchy to begin with and then rain just made it a bit more slick. The nitrous Corvette driver was grudge racing his buddy in a nitrous mach I. Both of them just wanted data to run in the class the following day. But, the track proved to be to slick for the corvette and he spun to the wall. The driver was ok and the car didnt look to damaged. We also included in the video Jim Howe in the blown Camaro taking on Justin Swanstorm. Jim not only beat Justin Swanstorm but also had a huge fireball come out of his motor. Check out the video to see it all and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Legend has it that nitrous is obsolete, in fact it could be good to use for shifting the car or lighting up a turbo but notice how many big main events are won with just nitrous?

  2. Looks like the dude found out the disadvantage of a vette the hard way ( instead of it being just getting bent up it completely disappears

  3. @2:01 WOW,, that is one nasty GRENADED engine! We see mega bucks up in sparks. it was a good thing in this instance the PreNup shut itself off early or it likely would have caught some parts moving through the atmosphere at MACH 2!

  4. First and foremost,, THANK GOD the pilot is OK. Then we ask ourselves why do we watch when we know massive heartache is pending? We watch because we feel the owner and the car's team pain. All those dreams, those sleepless nights building the car, untold tuning struggles and volumes of cash as they prepare and take their creation to tracks within a reasonable range of their home, dreaming of that one SWEET PASS and then – all the traction is gone, car slams into the wall and their dreams are gone in an instant. It's racing, they will rebuild their dream. Something we spectators aren't doing for any number of reasons BUT bottom line, we sit and watch while THEY LIVE THEIR DREAMS.

  5. HI ALL thats why Justin was hitting his chute's at 330 ft sketchy af you cant have cars this fast on no rubber just ends it tears thx

  6. What happen to BRUSA racing. It’s not how much money you got, it’s was about what kind driver your are. That’s why there is so many dying on the street.

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