Nismo Pre-Winter Wash & Ceramic Spruce-up

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A pre-winter ceramic spruce-up of the Nismobile using some of Avalon Kings latest and zip-locked greatest!

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Products used:

Kranzle K7 Pressure Washer:
(UK) –

Autobrite Direct Stubby QR Gun

Autobrite Heavy Duty Foam Lance (QR version for me):

AvalonKing Car Shampoo:

Detail Factory Brushes:
(UK) –
(US) –

Wheel Wash Mitt:
(UK) –

Original Wheel Woolie:
(US) –

Generic Detailing Brushes:
(UK) –
(US) –

AvalonKing Chenille Wash Mitt:

Autobrite Direct Gamma Seal Wash Buckets:
(UK) –

Dodo Juice Dry Hard Twist Loop Towel:

General Purpose Microfibre Towels:
(UK) –
(US) –

Metro Sidekick Mini Blower:
(UK) –
(US) –

AvalonKing Boost Spray:

AvalonKing Buffing Towels:

AvalonKing General Purpose Towels:

AvalonKing IPA Prep Spray:

Black Nitrile Gloves:
(UK) –
(US) –

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  1. You only drive this car 2000 miles a year🤔. I guess the Z sitting outside 24/7 in England is enough abuse, milage aside😎

  2. Bit disappointed with that Avalon king Ceramic really. I know the car spends all it’s time outside but I’ve got a good 5 months out of TW dry’n’shine with the car open to the elements. I reckon a few coats of Fusso might outperform the Avalon King ceramic.

  3. Real world performance of the DIY coating speaks for itself… show’s how much of a shill Man the Advertiser is pushing this rubbish like it’s mother’s milk.

  4. Great video as always, is there any other ceramic based spray waxes you'd recommend? There seems to be tons on the market now! And I fancy a change from my turtle wax paste wax, it's hard to choose one 😅 lol.

  5. That is one sweet looking Nismo Joe. Love the contrasting wheels and especially love those Bridgestone applique's on the tires. That really adds a lot of "pop" to the look of the vehicle. I would love to do those applique's on my own 370Z. They look fantastic.

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