NEW CAR DAY! McLaren MSO 720S Project Car Joins The Garage! (Velocity Edition)

A McLaren 720S Velocity Edition joins the channel marking the launch of a Project Car series! The plans for this car are pretty crazy beginning with new wheels, revised aero kit, a bespoke exhaust system and big horsepower plans!

Big thanks to for supporting the channel, give the guys a call we’ve asked the team to take care of you our awesome audience!


TikTok: @MrJWW






  1. Most youtubers struggle to upload 3 times a week. Meanwhile James buys 3 cars a week for content. Like what is going on? 😀 You just bought 2 Porsches, a 720s AND A SENNA in what, just over a week?
    Also whoever specced that 720s, is an absolute legend. Never seen one like it and with the red interior accents. Looks classy, yet really nice.

  2. Funny and oddly enough that's how I found this channel, I found this channel from the 720s video from you, paul, sam, I remember you guys said it was almost too good….

  3. Lots of nice acquisitions for the JWW brand. Just makes me think of the kid at Christmas who gets lots of presents so doesn’t really use any of them much. Will there be much content? Guess time will tell.

  4. You definitely need to do another garage update on your current collection and hall them all together. So will the "2 JWW" plate go on a SF90 or a Carrera GT?

  5. This and the tuned McLaren 720S of Blondie are the two Most beautiful 720S on the world. I have goosebumps 😳 Now I know what I wish from Santa 😂

  6. Check out the DDE 720 gtr build. Theirs is going to be one that’s almost impossible to top imo. They went all out on it and are still planning more mods for it.

  7. Totally agree, absolutely amazing car, I delivered the steering wheel and bonnet to MSO for its coloured carbon.
    I also delivered the car to Urban when it was finished, love the gold wheels…..good choice!

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