My LS3 Commodore Blew Up In The Middle Of Nowhere!

Very unexpected, what was found inside was even more surprising.


  1. Black sludge build up is usually caused by poorly designed or defective crankcase ventilation systems, low engine operating temperature, faulty injector seals or the presence of water in the engine oil

  2. Could be paint, have seen paint peel off surfaces after being submerged to a long period of time if it has a poor bond.
    Was there anything in the bottom that had been painted black at any point?

  3. Get some silicone oil 8000 or 10000 from a hobby shop for your viscus fan, they use it for diffs and shocks in rc cars and it's heaps cheaper then from Toyota need about 50ml from memory

  4. I’m kinda leaning toward maybe a faulty oil filter or such… wonder if it’s worth getting a new one slicing it apart and comparing it to the old one that came of the car… amazing that’s there’s that much in the pick up… I mean worst case an silly but if it’s had the pump replaced could it be the original timing cover gasket sealant that they scrapped of straight into the sump…

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