My King of Columbus Experience 2021 (EPIC FAIL)

Last time I raced constantly with the tree I was a Bracket Racer in an auto car and over time I learned the how the sportsman tree worked. However my class had to leave on a Pro Tree. Different classes in drag racing leave on a certain tree pattern according to the rules of that class. I had never left on a pro tree let alone tried launch a 600hp Stick Car on the tree… Leaving after having to bump forward twice to pre-stage and stage the car at the beams became my next challenge I learned after my pittiful first round lauch haha. So we came to the conclusion to just start fresh, get a new clutch so thus I can hopefully eliminate one problem, stop the roll and make it sit. Trying to set the line lock at the tree in a Manual car that wants to roll before the pro tree turns on cause of the extr bump Vs a flashlight start where you only have to move/bump forward once and set the line lock to hold the car just before I come up on rpm to launch.. make a noticable difference. I got somethings to work out with the Fox before the next outing!

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-1986 Foxbody Mustang GT
-1971 351 Windsor bored and stroked to a 410 Built by CAMS
-9.5 deck
-Compression ratio 11.5 – 1
-600hp on E85
-220 AFR Heads Sponsored by Lucore Automotive
-TKO 2 faceplated manual Transmission
-Spec Stage 3 Plus clutch
-Bogart wheels

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Video was filmed with the help of Street Racing Channel, SRC Photo, Sonya, Shyla using
GoPro 9,DJI Pocket , iPhone.

DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo💥 – 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with 4K Camera, 1/1.7” CMOS, 64MP Photo, Pocket-Sized, ActiveTrack 3.0, YouTube TikTok Video Vlog, for Android and iPhone


  1. Hello beautiful blonde 👱‍♀️ lady , nice , you are on your way the the big time , lol, nice 👍 love it BigAl California. Goooooo get emmmmm, baby , oh yeah yes, thisssss. Is. Epic,, vary nice 👍, thanks BigAl California.

  2. You have to go on yellow honey 🍯, goooooo onnnnnn. Yellowwwww ,if you see green you where asleep at the line, as soon as the top amber comes on go , you not that fast with a pro light , you could often red light , it can be done ,but it’s not that often , you need one of those practice Christmas trees , and practice makes perfect 👍, thanks BigAl California.

  3. Molly good job I wish you and Billy the best of luck with y'all's channels and friendship and both of y'all go out and enjoy life love you guys

  4. Just like a female you either put them thru school then they leave you after they get a degree or you build them a race car and o by the way thanks for the car but ill be going to other races that your not going to and o yea things aren't working out the way I thought things would well guess what THATS life get use to it guys you have to work with what you got and honey your throwing away some good stuff just saying but good luck guys

  5. Don't pay any attention to these nasty people! You just keep doing you! You are amazing at what you do. Keep your head high!! You are an inspiration to all woman around the world! 💖 🤗. Love ya mustang!!

  6. We love watching your videos look fwd to many more years of you racing or whatever you do keep us up to date hang in their we love your channel and the bad ass stang stay strong we love you and Billy we are loyal to them slicks yall keep flying them race cars down the streets and tracks

  7. Molly I can't understand 90% of these comments Molly and Billy well that's life it isn't the last time it will happen I think your smile will get you there faster. But racing, they need a new class in NHRA couch, full size and love seat.

  8. i wish you nothing but the best for you Molly and please stop posting nasty comments on her videos and what not after all she is only human and has feelings just like the rest of support her or don't but quit the nasty comments

  9. Just used Billy like a wet rag!! Without Billy u wouldn't be anywhere near where ur at right now its a shame he's a good kid ur a selfish unsupported lady who just doesn't know how to value something good in life

  10. Hey you’re a beautiful young lady, please ignore the haters. There’s always someone who loves to hate on people, they’re the sad people. Best of luck for your future.

  11. HI MOLLY
    Sorry to see you getting hate for being human just remember the ppl commenting are 13 yr old and never had a girlfriend you no how i no cos if they ever had a relationship you no not to coment on other relationships cos it is ONLY YOURS AND BILLY'S business have a great day oo and report there channel youtube will suspend it if its hate full soz again CHIN UP

  12. What everyone needs to understand is, This is none of our business What goes on in their life's is there business everyone has ups and downs but It don't help when everyone is involved in those upset an downs. There both great people an if it's ment to be it well be. Let's try to be more helpful & support of to them both instead of being negative about it, I'm sure it well do much more good, just my thoughts all the best to you both and best of luck in your futures to come

  13. Sorry for what has happened and worse of others thinking that they they know better. Keep your head up and the best of luck as I will still subscribe and watch both of your guy's channel….

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