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My husband buys another car. I’ll let you decide if it was a good decision.

Hope you all enjoy the video!


  1. So the title I understand, but you married him ! the addiction is a good thing, life will never be boring
    drifting was a liftime ago to me, gas mileage is more my thing now, but you kids go play 😂😆💕💕

  2. "It doesn't have cats, but it's ok because it's going to be a track car only," proceeds to drive it up & down the street to get exhaust sound clips & is taking it on Drift week where they drive ON THE STREET between tracks. LOL! 🙂

  3. Someone please teach Kevin the Pythagorean Theorem so he can understand how taking away one inch of rise can give him three inches of reach.

  4. Kevin, DUDE! In your SEMA 2021 video, Brittany gave you permission to buy a C8 Z06, NOT a C6 @6:52 I'm SO disappointed!!! And to that, your reply is @7:40 Oh, well. Say la vie, right? So now I'm curious. What-ta ya gonna buy next?

  5. Can't wait to see the coilover install on the Stepchild (that's why you need the limiting straps, right?) I've been kicking around coilovers on my Jeep and watching you guys do yours would be a big help!

  6. Britney you are not married to an addict, you are married to an "eejit",as those from the area of my parents homeland would say. That is what people from the area of my country call "a shed". It would have been passed on to some delinquent teenager for about £150 (about $110). Said teen would probably have held onto it for around eighteen months and then it would have gone to a scrap yard, what you'd call a breaker I think.
    You also drive better than Kevin (tee hee). Good luck to Chris. It's a good job he's there.
    Kevin, stop trying to justify your cock ups, it makes you look like you know you shouldn't have bought the things even more. Just stay quiet and buy Britney something nice and that will earn you some real respect.

  7. I with you Kevin, I have a pickup truck for truck stuff, a 4Runner for family stuff and getting to work, a 5.0 Mustang for having fun on the weekends, and a Harley because Harley Davidson! Keep on keeping on brother!!

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