MURDER NOVA (Street Outlaws) vs The Goat – INSANE Triple Wheelie!

The Murder Nova from the TV show Street Outlaws vs Richard Clark in The Goat at the OKC No Prep event at Thunder Valley Raceway Park. Full length Event DVD now available at


  1. Patrick B. The Cars you see cannot race 1/4 mile. They are set up to run a total of 660 ft. what a bullshit way to race.
    When you had say 10 sec 1/8 mile racing it was great. now with 4 sec racing it is just bull shit. Why don't they just race 330' it would be over in 2 sec that would be fun to watch.

  2. I wish the crashed into each other, now that would be worth seeing. But both drivers walked away. Watching there junk metal burning and twisted in a pit in hell.

  3. The goat is so fucking gay I don't like that guy. I own an 06 GTO & still don't like that guy he doesn't represent Pontiac cuz he's a douchebag. He should buy a mustang

  4. Glad to see the Goat put MN to shame I can hear him now whining how is car done this and how it done that he whines more then any one on the show

  5. Here's why this amount of power is useless in stock cars: wheelies even with slick drag tires and wheelie bar. Just look as his cookies. He stole them from a F40 or a Brabham BT? This amount of power comes in hand when you hit Bonneville or Ehra-Lessien but not in your municipal dragway.

  6. What a bunch of selfish pricks. These people have families and kids. So instead of helping save for the future to help their kids get ahead, they spend all their money on cars. You idiots need to grow up.

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