Murder Nova in New Hampshire

In this video we have murder nova racing at the new england dragway in epping, new hampshire. Murder Nova seems to be getting a handle of the car and with that being said it is one of few remaining twin turbo setups in the field. A lot of no prep racers have switched over to procharger due to the weight breaks and twin turbo setups are slowly going away. Murder Nova is one of the few that still runs the twin turbo setup therefore is one of the heaviest competitors out there. Does that slow down the murder nova? Not exactly, murder nova is an experienced racer who knows when to push it and when it ease up. It comes with years of experience racing on the street and applying that knowledge to the surface at the these tracks. The end result is murder nova still looking strong and making rounds. Check out the murder nova in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Glad to see Natalie doing the intros. I'm man enough to handle a grown woman say something silly for a few seconds. I hope she does all the future episodes!! 👍👍

  2. What happened to Birdman ?
    After he won season #1 no prep kings championship and he beat just about everyone but since then nothing

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