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  1. I was at darlington & Virginia. I'm planning to be at the final in Florida. I was at the final in ennis Texas for season 3 and made it on TV hanging out at Ryan's pit

  2. Sim, I think Discovery is doing NPK 2x a week to get thru all the events.
    They are filming so many shows and episodes. I belive they are trying to fit all shows in thru the year.
    They are making the big $$$ while the shows are hot!
    Keep up giving us the inside scoop, the non believers can go to the back of the Sim bus!
    TTVE 🏁💰🇺🇸(💩 TALK) LOL

  3. Never new Larry Larson was such a tuff guy, threatening to knock Lutz’s teeth out. The whole show was nothing but shit talking about each other. Somebody needs to kick Jerry Birds ass what a dush

  4. Sim I can't believe you support the Swan Gang Justin and his old man always talking trash. They even confronted Shawn after they lost to him while Shawn's in the staging lanes for team attack. I can't stand that Swan Gang they always Hate on the 405 for No Reason! I can't support haters 😠

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