Monza & Ryan at SGMP!

In this video we have several 405 team racers competing in the big tire class at the south georgia motorplex. FIrst up, we have monza in his turbo split bumper camaro doing a good job getting down the track but having trouble with the competition going a bit faster. Every racer here are within a car of winning on any given night. We also included ryan martin in his procharged camaro. Even though ryan martin didnt win the entire event he still is a favorite to win any event. We also included in the kamikaze who is building a corvette for no prep kings. The corvette is not done but he still competes in a blown nova. On these particular runs kamikaze was having a bit of trouble with the nova. All in All , the 405 is still one tough team to beat together. For more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Monza I know you love your family we all do but give your son some other job and hire a tuner he means well but you have wasted 2 to 3 years with this…. hire professional tuner!!!

  2. Can't believe I just watched half this video to watch a race that didn't happen.. what a waste of time. I'm done with this channel. Get your act together

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