Molly’s World at its finest (Mustang Rebuild)

Since the race at Pacemakers I’ve had a lot of time to plan for my next engine build. I want to stay manual not cause I want to be difficult but cause I want to be different. To be a competitive stick shift driver .. that’s the next goal I envision for myself. Just cause things didn’t go as planned the first time it doesn’t mean I failed. I showed up and raced like I planned and to me that’s a goal accomplished. I want my channel to be a vlog of my everyday life so my viewers get an in-site as to who I am. So I added footage of getting my quad (some off road content to come), my dad’s Jeep and taking my sister on her first hunt. Hunting, fishing and off-roading was a big part of my life and how I grew up. I love being able to share what I’m passionate about with my fans. So to wrap it up. Enjoy my video and be on the lookout for more!

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4 Wheeler specs
2010 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE
New parts I bought to customize it will be in the next video!

Dad’s Jeep
2008 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited 4 1/2 inch long arm lift

Time stamps
7:37 3 engines
9:03 Testing out the TKO2
15:18 Then I got a Yamaha Raptor
17:23 Dad’s off-road rig
19:30 Pheasant Hunting
26:37 Gen Busts her first pheasant

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  1. Ya gotta stop with those stretchy pants Molly you're gonna end up given some random man heart failure with that axx of you'res 😆 haha on the brighter side the car came out bad ass.. The car really fit you Molly

  2. Here in Maryland we’ve lost a lot of corn fields from farms being sold off, I don’t think I’ve seen a pheasant in about 10 years, glad to see they are still in Ohio and what a phenomenal job by your sister.

  3. Had a fox with a 331 i built stock t5 stock cluch and stock 7.5 with good axles ran a 6.98 na 2900lbs. Later pushed 585 rwhp stock block na then pushed things and ran a 598 at 116 in a 3400lbs fox stock block and a rs 225 hit. C4 afr 225s and my own ported pro topline 180s and ported funnel web all ran the same all off shelf parts.

  4. Just build the engine to support the power you do not need extra blocks just build the engine to hold high hp 🙂

  5. The kid listening to music while hunting and saying he wished he could have killed more should not be hunting in my opinion. The fact that he said I wish I could have killed more all while listening to music concerns me. Love watching Molly's and SRC's vids though.

  6. I respected this and was going to watch until I saw that “daddy please build me a new s10 engine boy” was the bf… cringe.

  7. Molly should put her pony tail in a braid before it gets wound up in one of those power tools. I know from experience. Keep up the good work really in joy your videos.

  8. Molly…Hey from Texas drag racing ! Really cool watching you and Billy getting greasy and having fun together lol. You're a rare find girl, and racing is definitely in your blood

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