Memphis Street Outlaw JJ Da Boss' JJs Arm Drop at Windy Hollow Full Big Tire Episode $10,000 Race

It was an absolutely epic day of big tire racing at JJs Arm Drop in Owensboro Kentucky. Windy Hollow Dragway is a down home track thats incredibly sketchy 60-100ft and out. We met up with some of the Memphis Street Outlaws and over 30 competitors as they take on each other for a $10,000 prize! Theres some action packed racing, some awesome driver interviews, and a few different angles, this video has it all!!

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  1. Did dude just use his foot to line him up in the water box on 1st race? Still dont understand it at the line. About everyone I've seen knows how many bumps they roll in with anyway. Guess it was to get more people on video

  2. It sure be nice to know who won on all these runs shit you were right there it only takes a second to show win light or how ever they do it there

  3. Skirt Skiiiiiiirt! Mustang Mike and Beth are the homies!! Super clutch! I’ll slap a mf for anyone on the squad. Period!! πŸ’ͺ😎 leaving tire marks bruh, don’t play!

  4. Dennis Bailey, Gingrage, mustang Mike, Chelsea,Tricia, precious, dough boy,Mallory, and anybody I left out, thank you guys/girls for being soooo amazing!! Hope to be on the crew again!

  5. We like the Queen we just want to ask the Queen was nice and thin did she get married and have kids or is she pregnant she useto take care of her self we are just concerend

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