Megalodon Wins 200k Bristol No Prep – Street Race Talk Episode 140

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  1. Huge shout out to Kamdyn for helping me get tons of info and pictures for the Bristol race!!! Check out his Facebook page @Kamdyn Wyvill

  2. At first I didn't know who made the video  it said NEW so I click on it and then I hear your voice and said oh this guy again ! BUT then I was listening to you and I must say you did a good job I loved it right to the point and I felt like I was at the race track watching it . Kudos to you …………..

  3. Another great episode Sim, don't sweat the HATERS bud, just keep the good content coming. Man I wish Jeff could have made an A TO B pass tho I think it would have been a drag race.

  4. 😲🤓🤪😳🧐reaper damn it u da man u and Lutz now get that car on that list 👍 drive that bitch right up quief big ass😠🤭🤬..u got what it takes get it right!!!😂

  5. I agree with not rambling on too much but your Passion shines through when you're very enthusiastic about something that's alternately what an audience wants. Don't let the audience dictate your content they already love it another great episode Sam megalodon is by far the most badd a** car out there

  6. Wow lutz lost it and broke down. That’s hard pill to swallow. And I know the reaper hires those guys to tune his car. Looks like they cans through but lutz is a very good fabricator and knows his stuff.

  7. Bruder Brothers Nick tunes and Rich drives the car. Two really great guys. Friendly and very helpful guys and always have been. Its powered by an Anthony Disomma power plant twin turbo. The car is owned by Jack French Owner of Atomizer Injectors. The car was built for RvW originally. This is a new car and they're new to no prep. Bruder's owed X275 with 3 different kind of setups. Supercharger, turbo and roots blower all Disomma motors. Everytime they changed rules to slow them down they only went faster. This is a bad ass team. Vixen will be a top contender if not already.

  8. Seen Meg at 66….his shiot is Fast and Loud no pun intended so congrats to Brent, Also noticed a huge change in Reaper. He probobly has theeeeee loudest car next to DDs and he is fast!!!

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