Megalodon Testing for Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings at Motor Mile

The shark was out of the water and looking for some testing as the Procharged Hemi Camaro known as Megalodon was making some shakedown hits at Motor Mile!!!!!!


  1. Man he is flyin! Little hot on that last hit but he was screaming the first two passes! Car is extremely fast and definitely one of the top 5 in No Prep. Most of the other top No Prep cars are turbo so its nice to see him in a blower car running so good! Larry Larson, Fireball, the new Challenger the Bruder Bros are driving, and Birdman are all extremely fast too!

  2. The video starts with a small floor jack holding the car rear end off the ground and turning it's rear wheels? How unsafe is that? And people are standing in front of the car.

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