Matt’s BACK! And so is FOOLS GOLD!

We all are ready for Rockingham… but the Suburban still isn’t fixed. Lots of work being done to get ready for DIG OR DIE!


  1. Thank you all for the nice comments and kind words. I’m reading them as we are driving to Rockingham. The cookies are my favorite hobby, but full-time work and all the traveling we do makes it hard to do very many. I’ll be doing good to get enough done for family and friends this month. Thank you for the compliments!! 🎄❤️

  2. The last time I saw something like your power distribution, was in Brooklyn New York when I was the super of this Four old buildings made in the 1920ies. You can definitely make a video on the upgrade when the time comes. Great video.

  3. So that's how you make icing on a cookie look like that.
    My wife and two daughters like to decorate Christmas cookies together every year.
    There is actually a little smack talk while we are icing the cookies.
    I actually look forward to it, Christmas is fun and enjoyable to me.
    I will use this technique this year and set them all off.
    We put on a little George Strait "Merry Christmas Straight to You" my opinion the best Christmas record ever.
    There is something about a Cowboy singing "Away in the Manger" that just seems right, when he sings the line "the cattle are lowing, the baby awakes".
    Merry Christmas Everybody.

  4. I live down here bro and I can tell you right now and there's a couple things I tell you when you come down here you have to turn them down just a tad bit online because we're at sea level in the air down here is crazy your cars will make ten times more horsepower around North Carolina and South Carolina definitely that should be running at the pad

  5. Bill this is the first time I'm comeing to see ya'll. I have followed all the channels for sometime. Making the long haul from NJ to get there. See ya then.

  6. Mrs Vicki is such a good hearted woman. She thinks of all the little things that really matters to people. Love seeing her on the channel.

  7. Mrs Vicki is such a good hearted woman. She thinks of all the little things that really matters to people. Love seeing her on the channel.

  8. “Matts methlab” 🤣🤣🤣 the old man is funny can I pay to spend a whole day with you? I’ll bring my rc drag car 🤣😂

  9. All I can say is BLESSED!! Bill Sr. I always look forward to your Videos! Honestly,,,,,, My Favorite YouTube Channel . And as for Matt ,,, he is the Coolest Cat, and I'm glad I got to hang out with him a few years ago at Airport Wars in Berkeley Springs! Happy Holidays to Your Family

  10. Pops without miss vickey you would be lost. Thanks miss vickey. You are everyones mom away from their moms. Pops you tell us where we are messing up. Pops you make us better without you knowing. You and the family along with Allison are a guidance for us all. Thanks for the src family! Y'all make us better just by being real and not fake. Thanks guys moms pops billy Allison and tommy with Kenny powers and matt and Meredith. We can all be better folks. Thanks for SRC for making us all find our Childhood again. Bless all of y'all

  11. The old wedge calipers I know about those. But hope everything works for you guys. Kenny we hope you and your family are good and ready for these blessings that are coming. Everyone at SRC much love and good luck at Rockinham! 💕

  12. Bill please consider doing a clip dedicated to the 'home team helpers' that can be seen working in the background in most of your clips. Ie. Kenny and Harley, the big guy (is it Rob?) and pretty much well the rest of the team that works away ensuring you and the family can do what you do. Round out our knowledge of everybody please. Ta.

  13. Wow” I hope you all know how lucky u all are to have each other in each other’s corner Good luck to u all this weekend ✔️❤️✔️🇨🇦

  14. Old man Vickie needs her own cooking channel. If not I'm worried she will open an only fans account. I'm joking but don't put a street racing channel cooking up. If you do it will be liked, subscribe and all that other stuff😎

  15. Those cookies are amazing! I hope some day I get to meet Miss Vicky, I just want to give her a hug. Such a heart warming, joyful lady.

  16. Well dammit Bill, this has to be one of the best videos you have ever made!! I need to sit in on some video editing classes from you and Billy.. Ya, my family loves those Chef Boy'ardee Pizzas.. its an event for everyone on Sunday night… good times.

  17. You have a great woman there in Mrs Vicki. Those cookies look great. I’ve just recently started watching your channel, as a father of 3 kids, I enjoy how you do your videos and include the updates on everything and everyone.

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