Enjoy opening eliminations from the Man Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing Finals featuring the world’s quickest turbo Hayabusa drag bikes in Pro Open, nitrous Pro Mods, Wild two strokes and more! It’s the culmination of the drag bike season at South Georgia Motorsports Park

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  1. Jack I like you man, but you talk way too much! To the point of being annoying! The video quality is not the greatest and you screaming and yelling and talking too much makes it down right hard to watch. The interviews are ok after a pass, but keep the talking to a minimum PLEASE!

  2. Right lane. MT. Dora Florida. Great vid Jack. Suzuki #1. What kind front end on that first red bije in right lane? Read negative comment. I myself like commentary. You get us closer to racers than any other channel. Knowledgeable about motorcycles, racers, mechanics/teams, fans, tracks and so on. Keep doing what u doing.

  3. Wish I could have been there Jack. Go team Green! Living in Leesburg, FL. Home of the World's largest 3 day motorcycle & music festival!

  4. Where I'm at??…..Sacramento, California…..I'm 74 and still ride my 46 Knuckle..on the street….I grew up in Santa Ana, So. Cal…so it was….Lions, Pomona and Orange County Raceway……

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