Machine Gun Kelley's Nitrous Musi Motor Monte Carlo Gets Wild!

In this video we have Kelley Blubaugh who drives the underdog nitrous assisted Monte Carlo. It sports a 900+ ci of musi power under the hood which Kelley calls the equalizer since many of the no prep kings nitrous racers run 900+ motors. In this case Kelley entered the big tire class at the bounty hunters no prep event held at caprock motorplex in odessa, texas. The big tire class had many fast cars which Kelley wanted to grudge race before first round. So Kelley grudge raced high voltage for some data. They are no stranger to racing each other as they have had the luck on drawing each other often. Then Kelley went off to the first round against a blown camaro that Kelley had one great driving job. Check out the video to see it and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. I clicked the video because I thought it was Machine Gun Kelly the rapper. But at the same time I was thinking that boy don't know s*** about cars. how do you have the same name?

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